January 30, 2014

Create a pro-style kitchen in your home

Mary Boone, writing for Zillow and Fox News, penned a really smart article on giving your remodeled kitchen that pro-style look. You’ll note even with a more traditional cabinetry style that you’re likely to find in Hershey or Carlisle, it’s still a great look. Touchless faucets, restaurant-style sprayer, pro-style sink with a deep, wide bowl with flat sides and slightly curved corners LED lighting, layers of light Increasing demand for gourmet kitchens that can accommodate […]
January 11, 2014

Does a commercial range belong in a home?

Rita Colorito of Bankrate.com took on the question of whether a truly commercial range belongs in a home.  Here are some things she thinks you should consider before purchasing that 60-inch, 8 burner stove! Installation issues Size – commercial units are sized differently, so work with a designer who is familiar with sizing Aesthetics – commercial appliances usually have no clearance and are on casters Have a Realtor do a market analysis of similar homes […]