Super-Sized Tile Is In For All Kitchen Surfaces

Susan Bady, writer for the Professional Remodeler magazine and website, was kind enough to quote me in her article, Miles of Tiles.  Susan speaks to the trend of large format tile being used in typical areas, such as on the floor, but also on backsplashes as well as under cabinetry.

One of the more typical installations for glazed tile is on a kitchen floor.  However, the newest sizes and styles of tile can make your floor anything but typical. New technology not only allows tile to be created in larger sizes, it also has opened up aesthetic possibilities.  For example, we recently completed a kitchen remodeling project in a Shaker-style kitchen using 12″ by 24″ textured floor tile that mimicked the variegation of natural stone.  The large format and varied appearance create a wonderful contrast to the understated elegance of the oak Shaker cabinetry.

And don’t overlook the practicality of tile as a kitchen flooring choice.  Nothing cleans easier and more completely than tile, and with proper installation and maintenance, it’s nearly indestructible.

Ceramic tile can also play a starring role on the vertical surfaces of your kitchen. A newly-completed Mother Hubbard’s kitchen project in Hershey shows what can happen when ceramic tile becomes the focal point of a primary wall.  Our client selected a 6″ by 24″ ceramic tile with a wood-like look and a smooth, matte finish to surround the stainless steel range backsplash and frame two windows.  By orienting the tiles horizontally, the wall seems wider despite the verticality of the windows and backsplash.

The bottom line is to think outside of the box when it comes to ceramic tile.  You’ll be surprised how versatile it can be.