Kitchen and Bath Design 2015 – What’s Hot, What’s Not

Dave Swanson of was kind enough to interview Maria Stapperfenne and me during the hugely successful KBIS 2015. In his article, Kitchen and Bath Design in 2015—What’s Hot, What’s Not, Dave wanted the NKBA take on design trends for the new year. We were happy to respond by sharing some of the results from the NKBA’s annual design survey.  The first five highlights of the survey include:

  • Transitional and contemporary design continue to rise in popularity
  • The affection for sleek, European cabinetry continues
  • Multiple appliances of the same type are being found in more kitchens
  • Steam ovens, reflecting a trend toward healthier eating, are no longer a rarity
  • Furniture-look pieces and built-ins are growing in popularity

A very pleasant surprise in the survey results was the rise in Mid-Century modern and industrial chic design as part of a broader trend towards the contemporary.  While still a small part of the market, these trends are finding a home in unexpected places, even in our very own Susquehanna valley.

For example, we recently completed a project in a home that featured several nods towards Mid-Century modern.  From the choice of a brown wall paper with a bold, geometric design, to a sunburst clock reminiscent of the George Nelson original, the owner’s appreciation for the period served as inspiration for our design.

To view more images of our Mid-Century modern inspired makeover of this 70’s Ranch home, click here.