How do you want to cook in your new kitchen?

The question may seem silly at first but consider this; cooking appliances occupy nearly as much space in the kitchen as do counter tops. Therefore, consideration of these questions now will have a huge impact on the design and layout later:

  1. Do you want to replace your existing 30” free standing range with a similar model?
  2. Would you prefer a separate cooktop and wall oven rather than a range?
  3. Are 4 burners sufficient or would you like to have the option of 5 or 6? The separation of the oven and cooktop provide many design options for your new kitchen. This is also the time to consider a double oven and possibly a warming drawer.
  4. Microwave ovens are a kitchen mainstay. The location is important as we will discuss in a later blog, however getting this item off the counter top is an important consideration, thus freeing up 24” of usable countertop space in your new kitchen.
  5. Although many of our Central Pennsylvania homes were built with all electric appliances, many communities are now served with natural gas. You may choose to make that change, also. We will offer other suggestions for both types of surface cooking as well as types of ventilation in a later blog.

Wow! That is a lot to consider and we’ve barely scratched the surface, but rest assured that the design professionals at Mother Hubbard’s possess the knowledge and experience to lead you through the multitude of decisions necessary to properly and efficiently layout your new kitchen.

An effective blog invites reaction from the readers and this is no exception. We welcome your input relative to each subject and invite you to jump in with your comments and questions.

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