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If you’re like most consumers who are dreaming about a new kitchen, you are probably immersed in websites, magazines and cable shows that feature spectacular spaces perfectly staged for the all-important reveal. It’s wonderful to imagine your kitchen being transformed from a 1970’s builder-standard eyesore to your personal showcase with the latest appliances, electronics and cabinetry.

Visualizing how your new kitchen might look is a critical part of the remodeling process. It’s also great fun! While viewing beautiful kitchens on a screen might satisfy part of your need for inspiration, a two-dimensional image pales in comparison to walking into an actual kitchen, opening drawers, standing at the farm house sink, or sitting down at a massive center island.

The need to physically experience a space – and the cabinetry, furniture and fixtures that are in it – is where kitchen and bath showrooms become an indispensable tool in the kitchen design and remodeling process.

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