Concealed Hinges on Full Overlay Doors

When you’re stuck inside for weeks at a time you start to notice little things around the home that are broken or need maintenance. Annoying things like a loose cabinet door, a drawer that sticks, or a knob that keeps spinning seem to catch your eye and ire when there’s a lot of time to focus on them.

Mother Hubbard’s specifies Blum hinges exclusively for our Signature line of cabinetry because we understand how annoying a broken or misaligned cabinet door can be. We love the Blum hardware not only because of the lifetime guarantee, but also because of the unique features Blum hinges offer for various door and cabinetry styles.

Concealed Compact Hinges and the Popular Full Overlay Doors

Full overlay doors continue to be very popular in transitional and modern kitchen design. Because the doors cover the front of the cabinet frame, concealed hinges are required. As you can guess from the name, concealed hinges are not visible on the exterior of the cabinet or door.

For full overlay doors, Blum offers a Compact Hinge that attaches to the front frame of the cabinet and door as shown below. We love these sturdy, functional hinges!

Mother Hubbards Blum Compact Hinge 02

Blum hinges have both a soft close feature and a patented mechanism that limits how far you can open the door. This last feature is especially useful when a fully open door might bang into a wall, appliance or another cabinet.

Unlike most copycat mechanisms, the BLUMOTION, as they call their soft close feature, can be deactivated. This can be very important with light or small doors that often don’t work with the one-size-fits-all mechanisms of cheaper Big Box Store hinges.

Blum Compact Hinge Soft Close Switch



Blum’s Lifetime Guarantee Protects Your Investment

A lifetime guarantee means little if you can’t easily get a replacement hinge when you need it. In the rare event that a Blum hinge fails, they’ve got a fast, efficient way to obtain a replacement hinge.

Blum Hinge Warranty and Warranty Claim Process

If you’re a Mother Hubbard’s customer, there’s an even easier way to get a replacement hinge not only delivered, but also installed. Just call us!

When you become an MH Custom Cabinetry customer, you become a customer for life. Should a hinge ever fail, we’ll order the replacement part, and come out to replace it at no cost. Problem and wobbly door solved!