Is Mother Hubbard's right for me?

We understand that there are many fine choices when it comes to kitchen design and remodeling firms in the Harrisburg area.  Finding the right kitchen designer to work with is probably the most important choice you’ll make.  It’s probably worth taking a moment to consider a few ways in which we think Mother Hubbard’s is different and hopefully a bit better than the rest.

It’s About Your Dream Kitchen, Not Ours

There are some kitchen designers who are proud of a “signature style” that tends to wend its way into every project they do. You see a lot of this on home and garden television with flourishes like bright colors, ship lap, or other repetitive themes that help to market the designer, but might not be attentive to what the owners hand in mind. At Mother Hubbard’s we want your kitchen to reflect the passions and purposes that have brought you to the point of this undertaking.  We understand that for most, investing in the kitchen of your dreams is a once-in-a-lifetime project.  We’ll use our design skills and experience to help guide the process, but in the end the kitchen will reflect your “signature style,” not ours.

We’re Hands-On, But in A Good Way

It’s become fairly common for kitchen designers and remodelers to send clients off on their own to select things like countertops, fixtures, appliances, tile and accessories. While some clients might like running solo, we appreciate the opportunity to accompany you to showrooms, offering our thoughts when asked, and staying a step or two behind when you’re in the mood to venture out alone.  Shopping together, we can help clients push the budget out a little in one area by pulling it in a bit in another.  By collaborating, you’ll gain maximum pleasure and utility while minimizing your budget and potentially, mistakes.

Years From Now, We’ll Still Be Here When You Call

While we work hard to keep our design skills and showroom up-to-date, Mother Hubbard’s is a business that has been designing and installing new kitchens in Central Pennsylvania for nearly 30 years.  With the third generation of the Petrie family now joining the business, we like to think that we offer a sense of stability and continuity that you can count on.  When you’ve got a problem with a Mother Hubbard’s kitchen one, five or twenty years from now, we’ll be at the same location and same number waiting for your call.

There’s no better way to get to know about Mother Hubbard’s than to visit our Mechanicsburg showroom.  Schedule an appointment to share your thoughts with us so that you can determine if Mother Hubbard’s might be the right design and remodeling firm for you.