Pro-Style Design Cues Appearing on Affordable Appliances

Not so long ago if you wanted to feel the pull-weight of a four-foot bar of solid stainless steel when you opened your refrigerator, Sub-Zero, Thermador and a handful of other Super Premium appliance brands were your only choice. As the popularity of these items accelerated with their appearance on every luxury home and cooking show, mid-level brands swooped in to adopt these pro-style design cues.

As Keith Berry suggests in his USA Today article, “When it comes to appliances, style finally matters”, mid-level consumer lines have embraced the professional look with consumer brands including Maytag and Frigidaire whose Professional Collection is featured in the photo above. As I commented in the article, “The heavier style handles on the oven or the range, the bigger style knobs—some of those design features are trickling down into more mainstream appliances.”

It’s really interesting that while the mainstream appliance companies are adopting the heavy, over-sized professional features the luxury brands are expanding their lines to include a more contemporary, European look. You’ll find flush mounted dishwashers and thinner handles from the likes of Viking, Thermador and Sub-Zero.