What you need to know before buying a freestanding tub

freestanding bathtub

David Keeps of the Wall Street Journal authored an excellent article describing the things that you should know when considering a freestanding bathtub.  While thoughts of a rusting cast iron claw foot tub might be the first image to pop into your mind, today you can find freestanding tubs made from the most exotic materials in designs that will complement any aesthetic.

During my interview with David, I pointed out that over 60% of NKBA designers surveyed last year indicated that they had specified a freestanding tub for their clients.  That is a 7% increase from the year before.  If you’ve read my post, Large Showers Are in and Bathtubs Are Out, you might think I’ve changed my tune.  Not at all!

In fact, large spa-like showers are being increasingly specified by consumers.  What is not being specified are massive whirlpool tubs or even standard tubs, for that matter.

But, of the tubs that consumers do want, freestanding tubs are gaining in popularity.

A beautiful freestanding tub is almost sculptural in the right setting, becoming the focal point of the room.  Indeed, they tend to be more appropriate for larger bathrooms, where they have space to breathe.

As David indicated, freestanding tubs can be very expensive starting at a few thousand dollars and moving quickly up from there.  However, if you’re building the bathroom retreat of your dreams, the dollars invested in a freestanding tub may well be worth the comfort and contemplation if affords.

Dreaming of a Freestanding Tub?