Kitchens and Baths Sporting Connectivity and Technology

Viking French Door Double Oven Harrisburg PA

The Miami Herald’s Elaine Markoutsas was kind enough to ask my opinion about kitchen and bathroom design and technology trends this year.  There’s no question that a contemporary aesthetic has become more popular and that technology is one reason why.  New high-tech appliances and fixtures with built-in connectivity seem naturally at home with a more contemporary look.

While my clients in Hershey or Carlisle might not opt for the most minimal contemporary kitchen design, they definitely appreciate the uncluttered look that come with the style.

Here are some additional take-aways from Elaine’s article.

  • Connectivity will add convenience and new functions to appliances
  • Eclecticism in design choices is gaining popularity with contrasting styles cohabiting side-by-side
  • Manufacturers are radically changing the functionality of appliances

Modernizing: Kitchen and bath design moves to cleaner lines, more technology

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