Here’s What We’re Doing to Ensure Your Health & Safety

We’re excited that Mother Hubbard’s carpenters and craftsmen, who have been working with us for years, will be allowed into our client’s homes to begin, continue or finish projects that have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 virus.

We are, of course, keenly aware of our responsibility to keep both you and our team safe as we get back to work. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you the things that we’re doing to help everyone stay healthy and safe.

When Visiting Mother Hubbard’s Showroom

During the past several weeks, while the showroom has been closed, we’ve had our cleaning expert clean and disinfect every single surface in the showroom. From door handles and countertops to guest chairs and every single sample, the showroom has had a thorough cleaning and where appropriate, disinfecting. We’ll be maintaining a daily cleaning regimen that insures anything touched is wiped down with the appropriate cleaning solution, and if it could be touched by a human hand like knobs, handles, countertops, etc., sprayed with disinfectant.

Everyone understands that it is a team effort to keep our clients, showroom and team members healthy. To that point we’ve met virtually with all of our team members to go over the new rules by which we’ll operate when meeting in the office.

First, all visits to the showroom will be by appointment only, until health officials indicate, and we’re confident, that walk-in traffic is safe.

Second, employees understand and embrace our zero-tolerance position for coming into work with even a hint of illness. There’s essentially an unlimited sick day policy until further notice. And it goes without saying that should you feel ill, we fully expect that you will cancel and reschedule your meeting. No problem!

When you visit our office, we’ll ensure that you don’t come in contact with anyone but the person with whom you are meeting, and to the maximum extent possible, social distancing will be in place.

When a visitor leaves our office, our team will clean and disinfect any surfaces that might have been touched. This extra effort is our way of assuring you that you can be at ease knowing that we care deeply for your safety.

In Our Client’s Homes

Before our crew visits your home, we’ll email you our safety checklist so that you know how we are preparing for a safe, productive visit. In that email we will also share our expectations of you and your home, so that we can all be safe together. Unlike the past when we might have two groups of tradesmen working together, we will be sequencing trade visits so that no two trades overlap. We are also minimizing the need to have more than one worker in the home at any one time. When the need for a helper does arise, our crews have instructions on the safety equipment to use (gloves, masks, etc.) and the distance to maintain to maximize everyone’s safety.

When our crews are finished, they will take extra care to ensure that they remove any refuse and material that might be a hazard.

Mother Hubbard’s is putting safety at the top of our priority list. With your help we will make our combined experience a healthy, happy and productive one.