Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

We have asked if you are ready to remodel your kitchen and we have talked about cooking appliances.  Soon we will discuss the nuances of refrigeration, clean up accessories and other helpful items for you to consider.

However, first we need to offer suggestions for selecting the right company for your project.

Home remodeling has had some bad shots taken at it over the years. As a local arbitrator in many of those instances I have found either unreasonable expectations or a lack of communication to be the principle culprit.  So, here are some suggestions that will make any remodeling process virtually pain free.

Start by collecting photographs and ideas from the major remodeling magazines prominently displayed at the grocery check outs. Circle the part of the picture that drew you attention.

Read every article you can find concerning quality and pricing.  There is nothing worse than having an unreasonably low budget and exceptionally high expectations.

Keep in mind that the design professional you choose should be able to guide you through this process in order to avoid embarrassing sticker shock.  That designer should also take the worry and work involved with pulling together all the cabinet selections, hardware, back wall material, flooring, mechanical and lighting items specific to your project. Of course, final approval of all items is solely yours.

Professional references provide you with an excellent indication consistent quality and performance of a kitchen designer.

Check the references from previous clients.  Be sure to check with at least two and three is better.  At least one should be no more current than five years.  This gives you an excellent indication consistent quality and performance.

You can select the firm that gives you the best overall in quality, performance and very importantly, likeability.

If you absolutely need to compare prices realize that remodeling projects are not like pricing between three Buick dealers.  There is a world of difference between the services provided by a turnkey company one that sells cabinets and refers you to sub-contracts for the remainder.

Your designer will be with you throughout the entire procedure.  Your project is the most important job in process and everyone involved from our office staff to the skilled craftsmen on the job are dedicated to making it the “BEST JOB” they ever completed.

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