The Same Kitchen Remodeling Job for $10,000 Less?

“But John, the store down the street said that they could deliver the same kitchen for $10,000 less than you!”/p>

Yes, but not for the same quality or services. Don’t miss the last two paragraphs of this blog. They say more than any paid advertising possibly could./p>

Many times we are told that some other company is offering “exactly the same thing” for many thousands of dollars less than Mother Hubbard’s Custom Cabinetry (MHCC). It just isn’t possible. The plan may be similar and the product may look very much the same, but it is the hidden items that make the difference./p>

When you get our proposal there are no hidden costs that will jump out at you later unless you change something along the way. Below is a check list. Many items on it are not readily apparent in our proposals. This is our standard mode of operation and we welcome the comparison to “other proposals”.

For instance;
  • MHCC provides a custom lighting plan to properly illuminate the new layout. This is NOT an option in our proposal but can be deleted at a reduction in cost. I know of no other company that custom designs a lighting and mechanical plan for their projects
  • MHCC changes out every electrical switch and receptacle in the room we are remodeling to compliment the new color scheme, back wall tile and cabinetry.
  • MHCC is responsible for the entire project including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, cabinet installation and final finish and adjustment.
  • MHCC manages your project from start to completion. You are never left wondering where we are or when we will complete your job.
  • MHCC’s projects are supervised by a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designers*
  • MHCC is a 35 year member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association ( that holds members to the highest possible industry standards.
  • MHCC’s standard product is an all wood (plywood sides with solid frames and doors) verses most other products that consist of particle board construction with vinyl applied on the exposed ends to mimic stained wood.
  • MHCC hardware features full extension drawer guides with soft close mechanisms and premium hinges on every door.
  • MHCC strives to provide the best available products to suit the budget that you share with us at the beginning of the planning process. Because WE are a team we must work together to meet your budget expectations.

There are bargain priced products and services available in the market; however Mother Hubbard’s reputation has been built on providing the finest quality product in your price range with no compromise in our customer service. Don’t allow the emotion of the moment to ruin a lifetime of durability, beauty and function for the instant gratification of saving what many times amounts to less than a $25.00 per month in savings.

This testimonial tells it all

“I just wanted to let you know that we are sincerely sorry that we didn’t choose Mother Hubbard’s for our bathroom renovation. I was just trying to save some money, but after going through this process with another contractor, paying a little extra would have been more than worth it. With our current contractor, we’ve been straddled with delay after delay, and I’ve had to micromanage just about every detail, even informing this guy of what order things need to be installed. Since the kitchen at our old house was the only other major renovation we’ve been through, we had no idea how easy working with Mother Hubbard’s really was. The process was seamless … from ordering materials to installation to the final touches. Mother Hubbard’s attention to detail is unparalleled. And we now realize the importance of a contractor focusing on one project at a time, as Mother Hubbard’s does.

I just wanted to let you know that we truly regret not going through this process with Mother Hubbard’s again. In the future, when it comes time to do our kitchen renovation, we already know that we’ll be knocking on your door again. And I will continue to recommend Mother Hubbard’s to everyone I know.”

Sincerely, Jill

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